Anyone who’s tasked with designing an interior knows it’s no easy feat.

There’s a seemingly endless stream of hues, styles, and scales to consider, trends to adopt or refuse, and aesthetic leanings and unique style sensibilities to pay homage to. And most of the time, you’re stuck with using only your imagination to picture how it’ll look in the end and you just have to hope that it comes together the way you envisioned.

Well, the good news is, technology has made the task of designing your home a whole lot easier. These days, there are a number of great apps that are specially designed to help you make your vision a reality by taking a ton of the guesswork out of it. From showing you what a piece of furniture will look like in your home to helping you capture any color on the go, the following home design apps will leave you with a beautifully designed home in no time at all.

Color Capture

color capture benjamin moore app
Color Capture

Ever been out and about and stumbled upon an interior color you love but can’t figure out what it’s called or where it’s from? Then you need Color Capture in your life.

Developed by paint company Benjamin Moore, this handy app lets you take a photo of the color in question and returns paint hue options that match it. Plus, you’ll get additional color suggestions designed to complement your new favorite hue.