4 Benefits of a Kitchen Pantry

By August 30, 2022 Design Ideas
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Kitchen pantries were a key part of homes for hundreds of years. They gave homeowners a cool dark place to keep perishable food. But, with refrigerators available to everyone in the 2oth century, pantries were no longer a necessity. Today, however, perhaps spurred on by a return to traditional home features, and/or our never-ending quest for more storage space, pantries are popular once again.

What is a Pantry?

Pantries are like kitchen cupboards on steroids. They can feature almost any combination of drawers, shelves and racks. And they give you space to store anything and everything that doesn’t need to be refrigerated. That means canned and bottled goods; small appliances and larger utensils; oils & spices; whatever you need a convenient space for. They can even be your mini wine cellar.

There are two basic styles on pantries. A traditional pantry is literally a larger, often floor-to-ceiling cupboard, or separate unit, in your kitchen. A butler’s pantry is like a small walk-in closet.

The Benefits of a Kitchen Pantry

If you are planning a kitchen renovation, or a custom home build, you will no doubt consider a pantry. To help you make your decision, here are just a few benefits to consider.

1. The Signature Piece of Your Kitchen

Depending on the design you choose, your pantry can be as significant an element as any other in your kitchen. As such, and depending on the style of pantry and accessories like the door and cabinet hardware, your pantry can set the tone for your entire kitchen.

2. A Space to Quickly Declutter

You know what it’s like. The neighbours choose to drop over just after you finish making dinner, and every appliance and utensil you own is on the counter. The pantry gives you a large enough space to declutter, without over-cluttering drawers and cupboards.

3. Maximize Counter Space

Is counter space always scarce? Or do you just not like to constantly look at the toaster, microwave, coffee maker, can opener, or other counter-top appliances? You can design you pantry with counter-height shelf space to be the permanent home for all of them.

4. Everything Close at Hand

Considering the shift to bulk buying, most homeowners will maintain a pantry-like space elsewhere in the house, especially the basement. But how does that feel when you need another can of soup? Wherever you locate your pantry, that’s as far as you’ll have to go to get whatever you need.

Renovations or when designing a custom home are ideal times to make the switch to the pantry lifestyle. Your renovator or custom home builder can help you make the right decision on all elements of your new pantry.

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