Top Countertop Material for Custom Homes


It’s no secrets that kitchens and bathrooms are generally understood to be the most important rooms in a home. If you are considering a custom-built home, you may spend as much time on the kitchen and bathroom details as you will on the rest of the home. And when it comes to the kitchen, one of the greatest sources of debate is choosing the countertop material.

The quick answer to which countertop material is best for your custom home, the answer is: whichever material suits your purposes. You may want distinctive looks, durability, low maintenance – or all of the above.

To help you choose the best countertop material for your home, we’ve put together the following list of the pros and cons of some of the most popular materials.

The Pros & Cons of Countertop Materials for Custom Homes

Recycled Glass

We thought we’d start with one of the lesser known countertop materials


It’s eco-friendly appeal is undeniable and recycled glass countertops show good resistance to stains, cuts, scratches and heat.


Where you get your recycled glass countertop can make a big difference. Make sure you choose quality over price when choosing a supplier.


Perhaps the most popular countertop material, you owe it to yourself to understand marble’s pros and cons before choosing it for your countertop


It’s popularity, beauty and durability (when you look after it) mean that marble countertops are much sought after and can help boost the value of your home.


Marble is the ‘high-maintenance’ countertop. If you don’t do your upkeep, it will degrade over time. It’s costly and, for all the expense, it stains easily.


Granite is the ‘oak’ of countertop materials. Tough and beautiful.


In addition to its unique look and appeal, granite is also remarkably stain, heat, cut and scratch resistant.


You will need to do occasional resealing to keep it stain resistant, and it’s edges are prone to chipping, which will require professional attention.


Lots of practical advantages here. This may be the best option for active cooks.


Let’s go: quartz is noted for its durability, variety of looks, stain resistance, and low maintenance.


All those practical advantages come at a price. And while quartz can mimic the look of other materials, if you really want an authentic look, you need the real thing. It too is susceptible to chipping along edges, but curved edges can minimize the chips.

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