5 Must-Have Contemporary Kitchen Features

By July 25, 2022 August 3rd, 2022 Design Ideas
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There may be no other room in your house that you can design in more styles than your kitchen. That said, many kitchen appliances, like stoves, fridges and dishwashers, aren’t readily available in a wide variety of design styles. So how do you fit in a stainless steel fridge with a country farmhouse or Mediterranean-style kitchen?

Fortunately, stainless steels semi-reflective quality and neutral colour helps it fit with just about any style. Plus, you can add facings to your fridge to help it fit in even better with your kitchen design.

With those details out of the way, let’s look at some of the must-have features of a contemporary-style kitchen.

Essential Features of a Contemporary Kitchen

Clean Lines

Contemporary design is sleek, if nothing else. For the kitchen, that means strong, clean lines throughout, coming from flat-front cabinets, crisply-cornered kitchen islands and appliances built-in to walls and counters. Counter tops are free of accessories, and any backsplashes or decorations contribute to the neat, clean look.

Minimalist Handles and Pulls

Following the clean lines theme, your kitchen can look more contemporary with slab-style doors on your cabinets. That is, those with no handles or pulls. And that includes the stainless steel fridge, dishwasher and microwave too. Large or complex cabinet hardware can take away from the clean, crsip lines you cultivated elsewhere.

Vary Your Materials

Many mistake contemporary for monotone. In fact, it is the successful blending of colours and textures that helps contemporary remain at the forefront of kitchen design styles. Consider woodgrains, marble patterns and wall treatments that complement the overall style.

A Signature Accent

This is where you infuse your personality into your kitchen décor. Whether through an accent wall, innovative lighting fixtures, or a bold accent colour theme, a signature accent doesn’t dominate its surroundings, it highlights them.

 Under-Cabinet Lighting

Few features can do more for your contemporary kitchen than under-cabinet lighting. First, whether under your upper or lower cabinets, it creates ambiance for the kitchen. And, if you’ve ever suffered from food preparation done with only overhead lighting, you’ll know how illuminating under-cabinet lighting can be.

Whether you are just renovating, or considering a custom-built home, no room is more important than your kitchen. So, the more time you spend on its interior design, the more enjoyment you’ll get from it.

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