Bathtub vs Shower: Which Should You Choose?

By July 28, 2022 August 3rd, 2022 Design Ideas
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Whether you’re planning a bathroom renovation, or a new custom home, at some point you’ll have to choose between a bathtub vs a shower, or whether you should go with both.

So let’s get to the easy answer first. If space isn’t an issue, and you enjoy relaxing baths, as well as having quicker showers, then having both a bathtub and shower is the way to go.

Yes, the standard bathtub/shower combination is still possible. But, the trend in bathroom décor is to have a separate tub and glass paneled shower. And if you’ve ever enjoyed a separate shower, or you really love your bathtubs, you’ll know why.

Bathtub vs Shower: Advantages & Disadvantages

If space is an issue, or you prefer the the look of having one or the other in the bathroom, or you simply don’t use one or the other, then you have a choice to make. Of course, you’re the only one who can really answer which one is best for you. But, to help you decide, we’ve put together the following list of the pros and cons of bathtubs vs showers for your consideration.


If there has been a bathtub in your life for as long as you can remember, it might be difficult to imagine you bathroom without one. But consider the following.


  • Nothing like a warm relaxing soak in a bath tub
  • Probably the better choice for families with young children
  • Lots of sizes and styles to suite your décor
  • Options include water jets, arm rests, and ledges for candles


  • Takes up lots of space
  • Uses more water
  • May be difficult to enter and exit if you have mobility issues
  • Takes time to fill and drain the tub
  • For bathtub/shower combinations, curtains or glass doors to keep in shower spray can be cumbersome and take away from your décor


Warm or cool, showers are an invigorating choice.


  • Faster than taking a bath
  • Reduces water use
  • Easier to enter and exit
  • Uses less space
  • Options include shower benches, rain showers, jets and steam


  • Not as practical if you have young children
  • More visible cleaning issues on glass doors
  • Prone to leaks if not installed properly

One final consideration. If you have plans to sell your home, potential buyers may not share your preferences. Having a shower/tub combination, or both separately, may be the best way to go in that case.

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