Pre-Construction Phase – What Should Your Builder Be Doing?


The pre-construction phase may be the most important in the overall process of building a new custom home. Yes, it’s never good if something goes wrong in the construction phase. But, a properly executed pre-construction phase minimizes the issues you will face throughout the remainder of the project

So the first thing you builder should do during pre-construction is keep you informed and up-to-date on what’s being done and what to expect during pre-construction. 

A Checklist of What Your Builder Should Be Doing During Pre-Construction

There are so many details to pre-construction, it’s difficult to list them all. Many of them will be unique to your project, depending on its location, size, scope and budget. However, the following are among the most common items on a builder’s pre-construction ‘to-do’ list.

  • Complete structural engineering
  • Finalize the construction budget
  • Complete surveys, drainage plans, etc..
    • As required by the municipality
  • Make submissions for building permits
    • Depending on your location and project, there may be a number of these
  • Order utilities
    • Including telephone, internet, electricity, gas, etc..
  • Do a constructability review to assess risks
    • A key step in avoiding nasty surprises
  • Present selection options and advice
    • Homeowners take part in selecting certain features of the home including windows; doors; exterior materials, colours and details; plumbing fixtures and flooring materials, among others 
  • Provide a quotation for builder’s risk insurance
  • Develop a construction schedule, including timelines, subcontractor schedules, and more
    • This may be the most important step in pre-construction. It requires its own checklist. If everything isn’t scheduled efficiently, it could increase costs.
  • Refine budgets according to the selections made
  • Execute subcontractor agreements
  • Meet with subcontractors
  • Order building materials 
  • Reserve construction equipment 
  • Finalize selections

If your builder has not given you a pre-construction timeline for getting everything ready to begin construction, and a construction schedule that suits your schedule, ask them to do so.

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