Top Kitchen Trends from 2021

By July 6, 2021 March 1st, 2022 Design Ideas

What makes a kitchen great? What makes it trendy, more functional, and also efficient? The designers at Recanvas Development Inc. try to answer these questions through this quick read. Kitchens are likely to grow into long-lasting styles in this year and the next. After a tumultuous year, experts look forward to smart and dynamic kitchens.

In the past, the kitchen used to be located at the rear of the home, but now it’s built into the home. Meals were made and soiled dishes were cleaned in this location. Let’s fast forward to 2021. The kitchen is the centerpiece of the house. It connects everyone in the morning and at the end of the day. At various projects by Recanvas, we have positioned the kitchen in the heart of the home to show its beauty and warmth.

Many of us spent a lot of time at home in the better part of 2020-21, with new ways of entertaining, cooking, and working, and relaxing to do so. Kitchens are following suit, too. Experts in the field answered questions: What will be the next big idea that will set the trend for all the kitchens that are being conceived for this year and the next?

Experts say that sanitation and hygiene will be essential in kitchen designs, while flexibility will remain important to achieve multiple tasks and needs. All the images shared below are from the projects completed by Recanvas. 

#1 | White continues to be there

Recanvas Development Inc.

Project by Recanvas Development Inc.

If you are a serious person, make sure that you have only white colors for your kitchen. This makes the kitchen more matured and the look lasts a lifetime. Plus, white kitchens are easier to clean resulting in superb hygiene and sanitation measures for the whole family, during the time of COVID-19.

#2 |Tile it up

Project by Recanvas Development Inc.

If you are a person who loves to add personality to your kitchen, you can always add patterned or textured tiles to the space. This will make a kitchen looking from mouth shut to speaking your emotions.

#3 | The Wok Kitchen

Project by Recanvas Development Inc.

Open storage in modern kitchens may be utilized to exhibit treasured ornamental pieces while allowing everyday goods to be located quickly.

Furthermore, the full-height larder unit that offers considerable storage space may be used in conjunction with feature shelving and open cabinets to provide a sense of balance.

#4 | Storage is key


Project by Recanvas Development Inc.

Storage will continue to be an important feature of the kitchen, both concealed and out in the open.

Whether you are in the mood for kitchen shopping or not, you can always find inexpensive stuff from neighborhood vintage or antique shops. This truly adds more character to your beloved kitchen. But make sure to make it functional as well.

Space-saving food storage is essential to an elegant appearance in the kitchen. Kitchen storage options like huge butler-style cupboards, but modernized to provide utilitarian and clutter-free design, have witnessed a spike in demand. Breakfast cabinet doors with pull-out shelves help keep clutter to a minimum and provide a sleek appearance since they store smaller items such as kettles, coffee makers, and toasters.

#5 | Contrast is important

Project by Recanvas Development Inc.

It all depends on the color you are a fan of. But please be aware that black chairs inside a white kitchen go hand in hand. This combination is also very efficient as it requires less maintenance and cleaning as shown in the picture.

If you are opting for something serene and has warm colors, you can choose muted and tonal shades with mixed textured materials, such as wood, rattan, wicker, and stone, to create a tranquil and warming atmosphere.

#6 | Clean lines and a multi-functional kitchen island 


Project by Recanvas Development Inc.

Is clean and minimalist your style? Then you are lucky. This was our very own project from this year where we ensured that the kitchen island was as minimalist as possible with a black faucet complimenting the whole kitchen. Back in 2020, the family’s main kitchen island was adjusting over time to become a dining island, which enables them to cook, eat, and spend time together in the same location. However, for the year 2021, people still want an island kitchen. In accordance with the study results, 85% of consumers want an island in their kitchen.

Kitchen islands are quite popular due to the ever-increasing need for workstations, classrooms, and food preparation facilities. The kitchen featured here has 75% of the worktop surface dedicated to the island counter, however, it has 90% use. Fit an island counter if feasible. They are the kind of furniture you may use as makeshift dining tables, bars, workplaces, and food preparation areas. Occasionally, all at once.